Warehouse Management: Picking and Packing

Rely on your MBE Center for processes optimization and efficient control of your company’s warehouse activities. You can rely on picking, assembly and packing solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.


The flexibility of MBE Solutions dedicated to logistics offers you the assembly of different references and the possible insertion of promotional material, such as flyers and samples, to better customize your packages. MBE Centers study customized packing solutions for your business.

Do you want to respond flexibly and punctually to market demands? Thanks to extensive experience in the logistics sector, MBE specialists are able to accurately manage the picking and packing activities of your warehouse with versatile and customized solutions, tailored to your company.

In addition to managing the picking processes, MBE experts also take care of the packing of your products to help you find the ideal solution for the safe transport and shipping of your goods. The professional solutions offered by Mail Boxes Etc. help you to optimize the picking and packing processes/ for efficient management of your warehouse.

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MBE Shipping

More than just shipping.

Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE Shipping means being able to count on flexible solutions tailor-made for you.

MBE Shipping allows you to send documents, envelopes and packages in Serbia, EU and worldwide, in an easy and safe way.

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MBE SafeValue

Ship you valuables in a safe way.

With MBE SafeValue, your product is at safe from the moment you give it to us until the recipient receives it.

A complete solution for shipping your valuables thanks to a professional packaging, shipping and coverage service, which keeps you and your product safe from any damage or loss.