Pick-up and delivery point service

The meeting point between those who send and those who receive

MBE Delivery Point is the MBE solutions that allows you to send objects, packages, documents and much more, in a convenient and fast way from an MBE Center chosed by you, to one of the many pick-up points authorized for collection, both in Europe and abroad.

By taking advantage of the capillarity of the pick-up points, you can manage your shipments more efficiently, even between individuals, without having to wait for a courier to pick up your goods or running the risk that your shipment will not be delivered if the recipient is absent.
Discover MBE Delivery Point!

The advantages of MBE Delivery Point:

  • Easy to use
    you do not have to wait for the courier to collect the goods.
  • More practical
    send comfortably to and from an pick-up point of your choice.
  • International shipment
    ship abroad, to pick-up points in other countries.
  • Less returns
    decrease the risk of non-delivery for absent recipients.
  • More sustainable
    help reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the delivery of multiple packages to a single pick-up point.

Do you use online sales platforms? Discover the advantages of merging MBE eShip to MBE Delivery Point to offer a complete, safe and professional shipping service.

MBE Delivery Point is also the perfect solution to ship your items sold online! Combine it with MBE eShip , the free plugin for the complete management of shipping and logistics of your e-commerce, to deliver orders and goods to a verified address and reduce the criticalities related to shipments between individuals .

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MBE eShip

Do you already have an e-commerce and you sell your products online?


MBE offers you MBE eShip, the plug-in that directly connects your e-commerce to MBE systems and offers you added-value services by organizing all aspects of your logistics processes for you.

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E-commerce Solutions

Unlock your business potential.


Give your e-commerce business a boost: with MBE’s tailored solutions for digitised shipping and logistics.