Taking care is an art

MBE SafeValue Art is the complete solution to protect your artworks during shipment.

Are you looking for a specialized service that combines efficiency and reliability for your art shipments? You just found it. MBE SafeValue Art is the solution built to meet the needs of galleries, ateliers, art dealers or lovers, museums, artists and any other user who need a competent art shipping partner. A complete service to ship works of art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles within Serbia and abroad.

With MBE SafeValue Art you have an all-in-one solution that gives you:

  • Collection on request

    We collect your artwork directly from your gallery, atelier or other places and activate protected transport.

  • Protective packing

    You can count on professional techniques and specialized packing materials designed to protect your artwork.

  • Shipment with the most suitable courier

    We assign the shipment of your object to the most competent and reliable art courier.

  • Coverage from damage and loss

    providing not only the reimbursement of the cost incurred for packing and shipping, but also the costs of restoration and depreciation of the artwork.

Discover the attention to details that only a shipping specialist can give you.

Do you want to protect your artworks during the shipment? We know your needs well. That’s why our experts have created MBE SafeValue Art: the specific solution that covers the value of your pieces in case of loss and, in the event of damage, also provides the reimbursement of restoration costs and depreciation of the work.

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MBE Shipping

More than just shipping.

Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE Shipping means being able to count on flexible solutions tailor-made for you.

MBE Shipping allows you to send documents, envelopes and packages in Italy, EU and worldwide, in an easy and safe way.

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MBE SafeValue

Ship you valuables in a safe way.

With MBE SafeValue, your product is at safe from the moment you give it to us until the recipient receives it.

A complete solution for shipping your valuables thanks to a professional packaging, shipping and coverage service, which keeps you and your product safe from any damage or loss.