Isothermal shippings

The staff of the MBE Centers deals with the entire logistics chain relating to isothermal shipments of those products which by their nature are short expiration, and is able to suggest the solution that best suits your needs in based on: type of product, temperature at which the goods must travel e duration of transport.

Typically an isothermal shipment takes place as follows:

● Withdrawal from the production site or from the cold storage room
● Positioning inside our isothermal containers, together to our duly pre-frozen blocks of synthetic ice
● Transport to destination

During the transport phases the product remains in a range of temperatures optimal and in conditions of maintenance of its characteristics.

The Isothermal Shipment service was developed taking into account the peculiarity of:
● Manufacturers and distributors of short-term products
● Drug manufacturers and distributors
● Clinical analysis laboratories
● Shipping of samples
● E-commerce of short-term products