Shipping Parcels

MBE offers flexible and tailor-made solutions to safely ship parcels in Serbia and abroad. 


Our complete and professional parcel delivery service provides support at every stage, identifying the most suitable courier for your personal needs or those of your company. Sending parcels with Mail Boxes Etc. is simple and fast: the MBE Centers, thanks to the professionalism and experience of qualified personnel, assist you in every phase of the process, from the collection of goods on request, to packing with specialized techniques and materials up to tracking the shipment of parcels.

By relying on Mail Boxes Etc. you will not need to weigh, take measurements or prepare packages for shipping: we take care of every aspect, including the necessary documentation for customs, a turnkey service to get your parcels to their destination.

Thanks to our experience, you will be able to protect and ship parcels around the world, MBE professionals will offer you the most suitable solution for the transport of your items and in compliance with the applicable regulations. In each MBE Center, you will find a team of experts able to answer your questions, ready to advise you in a timely manner on the best solution to get your parcels to their final destination.