MBE Packing. More than just shipping

Did you know that with MBE Packing you can add a touch of style to your shipments?


MBE Packing offers you the best professional packaging solutions that let your products travel safely and in style.

Thanks to special techniques and materials MBE allows you to use time and resources efficiently:

  • Optimization of the packages volume;
  • Reduction of waste and environmental impact;
  • Limitation of the risk of damage during transport.

Advanced packaging techniques, the use of specialized materials and accuracy in the various phases allow you to save time, money and drastically reduce the risk of damage, avoiding inconveniences. From wine cellars for bottles of wine and sparkling wine to wooden crates for the most complex shipments such as those of paintings, antiques, statues up to technical packaging for musical instruments, sports equipment and ceramic objects.

Furthermore, thanks to MBE Printing Solutions you can create packaging with customized design for your brand. Inside the packs it is possible to insert additional characterizing elements such as leaflets, samples, gadgets and much more.

With MBE Packing you can add a touch of style and personality to your shipments.