MBE Address. Find a home for your post and parcels.

Did you know that MBE Address offers a complete and professional management of all your postal needs?


with the domiciliation service offered by  MBE Address you have a safe and convenient space for all the parcels, letters and registered letters addressed to you. If you spend a lot of time away from home, on business trips or if you have no way to collect your correspondence, parcels or online purchases, with MBE Address you can find a personal address with the utmost confidentiality.

MBE Address . The flexible and modular domiciliation service based on the volume and frequency of your correspondence and parcels.
  • Personal
    Your personal space to receive shipments and protect your privacy.
  • Safe
    It is located within the MBE Centers and is managed by qualified and reliable experts.
  • Close to you
    It is available in all MBE Centers throughout Serbia and Europe.

Our offer is perfectly suited to your needs: we don’t just receive your correspondence and packages for you but we can even send you notifications of receipt and, at your request, we scan your mail and transfer it digitally or forward it to an address choosen by you. All this with just one interlocutor!

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MBE Shipping

More than just shipping.

Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE Shipping means being able to count on flexible solutions tailor-made for you.

MBE Shipping allows you to send documents, envelopes and packages in Serbia, EU and worldwide, in an easy and safe way.

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MBE SafeValue

Ship you valuables in a safe way.

With MBE SafeValue, your product is at safe from the moment you give it to us until the recipient receives it.

A complete solution for shipping your valuables thanks to a professional packaging, shipping and coverage service, which keeps you and your product safe from any damage or loss.