Product & Services

MBE operates in the business services industry offering shipping, logistics, print and marketing support for private and business customers – mainly small and medium-sized companies – to improve productivity via outsourcing needs and processes to MBE which are not part of their core activities.

Whether it is your time or your business’s, optimizing it is necessary in the hectic, digitial world in which we live.  Prioritizing what is important can make the difference between top performance and mediocrity. MBE has a broad portfolio of services and products.  Our capability to handle their routine tasks or processes via customized solutions creates value for each of our customers.

You can trust our know-how. You can rest assured it will be done right. You can rely on MBE  experts to turn your business goals into reality!

The main services, provided through our entrepreneurs Network, are:

  • Pack & Ship
  • Logistics & E-commerce
  • Print & Marketing
  • Domiciliation