Eco-sustainale packing

Mail Boxes Etc. Centers have the possibility of adopting sustainable packing to preserve the integrity of your goods: thanks to the use of certified, recycled and recyclable materials, you can protect your products and avoid unpleasant unforeseen events during shipment, while paying due respect to the environment.


Packing is a tool with which you can tell your customers about the values of your business, the quality of service and attention to detail. Packing aesthetics, ability to protect the contents of the package and attention to sustainability. MBE Centers can take care of each of these aspects.

The offer of green packing that you can find in the MBE Centers is suitable for different types of shipment: our eco-friendly solutions allow you to ship your products respecting the environment, without having to sacrifice functionality and practicality.

Whether you are a company or a private individual, MBE experts will help you manage all stages of packing and shipping: from packing with specialist and environmentally friendly materials to selecting the most suitable courier.

Choosing MBE means you can count on reliable and innovative packing solutions to transport your goods safely, without sacrificing sustainability.

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MBE Shipping

More than just shipping.

Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE Shipping means being able to count on flexible solutions tailor-made for you.

MBE Shipping allows you to send documents, envelopes and packages in Serbia, EU and worldwide, in an easy and safe way.

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International Shipping

With MBE Shipping  you can easily and safely send documents and products in Serbia, Europe and worldwide. Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE means being able to count on flexible solutions tailored to your needs.