Bicycle packing and shipping solutions

Shipping a bicycle requires expertise and experience, especially in packing, so it is essential to rely on a professional service such as that offered by the MBE Centers.



Mail Boxes Etc. deals with shipping bicycles and components in Serbia and abroad, taking care of every phase of the transport, from collection to final delivery. MBE experts offer advice and customized solutions to protect your vehicle during shipping thanks to a professional packing service carried out with specialized techniques and materials, to make your bicycle travel safely.

Mail Boxes Etc. also provides a complete packing and shipping service to protect your bike: with MBE Safe Value you can cover both the real value of the bicycle and the cost of shipping to protect yourself in case of damage or loss.

Are you leaving on vacation? Don’t go without your sport: with MBE you can get your bike to arrive directly at your destination and find it ready for use: on request, we collect the vehicle directly at your home and we take care of packing and shipping it. A solution designed to help you travel light, stress-free and fully enjoy your moments of relaxation: you will find your bike at your destination. Whether you need to send a bicycle far to live your passions or have it delivered as a gift to a friend or relative, contact your MBE Center to be able to count on a precise, professional and quality shipping service.

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MBE Shipping

More than just shipping.

Entrusting your domestic and international shipments to MBE Shipping means being able to count on flexible solutions tailor-made for you.

MBE Shipping allows you to send documents, envelopes and packages in Serbia, EU and worldwide, in an easy and safe way.

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MBE SafeValue

Ship you valuables in a safe way.

With MBE SafeValue, your product is at safe from the moment you give it to us until the recipient receives it.

A complete solution for shipping your valuables thanks to a professional packaging, shipping and coverage service, which keeps you and your product safe from any damage or loss.